Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix

Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix


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AI Explanations
Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP and Phoenix
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Takeaway Skills

Learn to build an Elixir web application with a purely functional finite state machine.

Master OTP Behaviours and get the confidence to use OTP in any application.

Learn to use OTP to provide concurrency, parallelism, and fault tolerance.

Learn to create and track stateful, persistent connections using Phoenix channels and Presence.

Learn to build a web interface with Phoenix.

Course Overview

Elixir and OTP provide exceptional tools to build rock-solid backend applications that scale. In this course, you’ll build a web application in a radically different way, with a backend that holds application state. You’ll use persistent Phoenix Channel connections instead of HTTP’s request-response, and create the full application in distinct, decoupled layers. In Part 1, you’ll start by building the business logic as a separate application, without Phoenix. You’ll model the application domain with Elixir...Show More

Course Content




Mapping Our Route


Model Data and Behavior


Working of State Machines


Add OTP for Concurrency and Fault Tolerance


Process Supervision for Recovery

18 Lessons


Generate a New Web Interface with Phoenix

10 Lessons


Create Persistent Connections with Phoenix Channels

16 Lessons



1 Lesson

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