Hands-on Vue.js: Build a fully functional SPA

Estimated completion time: 8h 30min
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Takeaway Skills

Understand the basics of Vue.js and the theory behind using Front-end JavaScript Frameworks.

Cover the most practical use-cases of the Vue.js framework.

Learn basic knowledge for more advanced courses on Vue.js.

Develop a working Vue.js Single Page Application step-by-step.

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Course Overview

This course will provide you with the necessary skills to develop intermediate-level Single Page Applications (SPA) by using Vue.js. You will start with an introduction to Vue.js, why it is useful, and an explanation of its basic structure. After that, you will cover some crucial materials around Vue.js like directiv... See more

Course Contents

1. Commencing the Journey: Introductions and Conventions

2. Why Use JavaScript Front-end Frameworks?

3. Basic Structure of Vue.js App

4. Vue Directives, Bindings, And Reactivity

5. Handling User Input and Event Handlers

6. Vue Components

7. Interaction With Backend Server (Database and API)

8. The Final App

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