Array Methods

In this lesson, we’ll discuss array methods and their convenient usages.


Methods of an object are property names assigned to functions. These methods can be invoked to execute the function. Now, let’s take a look at different methods.

forEach method

forEach method is used to iterate an array in loops. Let’s dig deeper into this method.

Syntax of forEach method

The syntax of the forEach method is as follows.


The forEach method above takes, as an argument, a function invoked for each element in the array. The function to be passed is given arguments in the following order, by the forEach method.

function callbackfn(value: any, index: number, array: any[])

For each element, the callbackfn is passed with the value of the element as the first argument, followed by the index of the element as the second argument, and lastly the array itself as the third argument. We may write the callbackfn function to take 0 to 3 arguments.

Look at a couple of examples.

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