Present your Deliverables

Plan your deliverables for an audience and always be ready for criticism.

Make sure you also think about presenting your deliverables. Let it be a GitHub repository, a portfolio site, or a blog post, find a way to show your results to an audience.

There will always be someone who loves what you do. There will still be haters too. Whenever you receive criticism, ask yourself what the intention behind the criticism is. Always take things objectively, and do your best to improve your products. Be thankful for constructive criticism.

You are also likely to receive destructive criticism. Don’t be affected by it. If you are affected, go back to chapter 2, and combat your fears and limiting beliefs. Criticism makes you stronger. Above all, facing criticism properly shapes your character, refines your professional code, and gives you a small edge at the workplace.

Always draw conclusions after finishing a side project. Ask yourself what skills you have learned, and how you will use these skills in the future.

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