Summary: Logic

Review what we learned about program logic in JavaScript.

We'll cover the following

Key points

  • Booleans are primitive values that can only be true or false.
  • All values have an inherent Boolean value of true or false.
  • Truthy values are values that have a Boolean value of true. Most values are truthy.
  • Falsy values have a Boolean value of false. The values that are falsy vary in different languages. There are nine falsy values in JavaScript.
  • Negation makes truthy values false and falsy values true. Double negation returns a value’s Boolean value.
  • Logical operators such as AND and OR can be used to combine multiple statements.
  • Values can be compared to see if they’re equal, greater than, or less than other values.
  • A conditional statement can be used to control the flow of a program based on a condition.
  • The ternary operator is a concise way of writing an if–else statement in a single line of code.
  • A switch statement can be used when there are multiple options.

After the quiz and challenge, we’ll move on to loops.

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