Summary: The Main Event

Review what we learned about controlling events in JavaScript.

We'll cover the following

Key points

  • Events occur when a user interacts with a web page.
  • An event listener is attached to an element and then invokes a callback function when the event occurs.
  • The event object is passed to the callback function as an argument, and contains a number of properties and methods relating to the event.
  • There are many types of events, including click events, mouse events and keyboard events.
  • Forms also have a submit event that can be used to intercept a form before it has been submitted.
  • We can remove an event using the removeEventListener() method.
  • The default behavior of elements can be prevented using the preventDefault() function.
  • Event delegation is when an event listener is added to a parent element to capture events that happen to multiple child elements in order to avoid adding an event listener for every single child element.

Now that we’ve covered events, we can make our code much more interactive. After the quiz and challenge, we’re going to be taking our coding skills to the next level with some more advanced skills.

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