Master ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

Master ChatGPT Prompt Engineering


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
AI Prompt
AI Prompt
Master ChatGPT Prompt Engineering
6 AI Prompts
15 Code Snippets
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Takeaway Skills

Introduction to Generative-AI and ChatGPT

Learn best practices for effective prompting

Hands-on experience with prompting via ChatGPT API

Learn to harness ChatGPT to summarize, expand, infer, and transform information

Learn effective prompting for HR, SEO, Marketing, Professional writing, and academia

Understanding of AutoPrompt, Chatbots, and ChatGPT’s limitations

Course Overview

ChatGPT is one of the most advanced AI systems available today. In this course, you will dive into the world of generative AI and get the ability to effectively use it. The course briefly explains the recent advances in generative AI, more specifically, ChatGPT. It covers the basics of prompting and then explains the best practices for effective prompting. Furthermore, it describes how ChatGPT can be harnessed for transforming, expanding, summarizing, or inferring information. Domain-specific use cases of ...Show More


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