Mastering Regular Expressions in Java

Mastering Regular Expressions in Java


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Mastering Regular Expressions in Java
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Takeaway Skills

Introduction to regular expressions

Using regular expression APIs from java.util.regex package

Different types of characters, and whitespaces

Character classes, meta-characters and qualifiers

Character ranges and character repetitions

Using Pattern, Group and Matcher classes

Creating regular expression patterns using flags

Making regular expressions more accurate using modifiers

How to match single, multiple and range of characters using optional characters and wildcards

Performing search and replace operation on strings using regular expressions

Analyzing text files with regular expressions

Using named groups in regular expressions

Course Overview

Regular expressions describe a pattern of characters used for searching a string. They are very useful for parsing information like dates, phone numbers, or zip codes from important text files such as code files, log files, spreadsheets, or documents. Below are the most common use cases of regular expressions: - Data validation of data fields or values like phone numbers, zip codes, email addresses, etc. - Information extraction from text files for further processing - Pattern matching of strings or text...Show More


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