Course Conclusion

Let's wrap up the course with a quick summary and a final note for our learners!


In this course, we looked at several different patterns:

  • We started with design patterns, and we thoroughly discussed behavioral, structural, and creational design patterns in the first three chapters.
  • After the design pattern, we started learning about the C++ idioms in the fourth chapter.
  • In the last two chapters, we dove into learning about advanced patterns, primarily the architectural and concurrency patterns.

About the author

Rainer Grimm is one of the industry-leading authors covering C++. He has published many books and conducted many seminars on C++. Let’s read about his contribution by reading his words.

"I’ve been giving seminars about modern C++ and Python since 2004. My books C++ 11 für Programmierer, C++, and C++ - Standardbiliothek for the kurz & gut series was published by the publisher Pearson and O’Reilly. They are available in German, English, and Korean.

Additionally, I published two books at LeanPub: Concurrency with Modern C++, and C++20: Get the Details. I’m the author of the two well-known blogs mentioned above."

Concluding note

Congratulations on completing the course! We hope that we met your expectations and provided a helpful learning experience. Thank you for being part of the Educative learning community.

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