Generating Documentation With a Modern Look

Let's learn how to generate modern-looking documentation.

Many developers will complain that the design offered by Doxygen is outdated, which makes them hesitant to present generated documentation to their customers. Don't worry— there's an easy solution to this problem.

Having our project documented with a clean, fresh design is also important. After all, if we put all this work into writing high-quality documentation for our cutting-edge project, it is imperative that the user perceives it as such. Doxygen has all the bells and whistles, but it isn't known for following the latest visual trends. That doesn't mean we'll need a lot of effort to change this, however.

Theme doxygen-awesome-css

Luckily, a developer known as "jothepro" created a theme called doxygen-awesome-css that offers a modern, customizable design. It even comes with a dark mode! We can see this in the following screenshot:

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