New Algorithms - A Functional Perspective

This lesson gives an overview of the new algorithms that are a part of C++17.

All new functions have a pendant in the purely functional language Haskell.

Functions Haskell
std::for_each_n map
std::exclusive_scan scanl
std::inclusive_scan scanl1
std::transform_exclusive_scan and std::transform_inclusive_scan composition of map and scanl or scanl1
std::reduce foldl or foldl1
transform_reduce composition of map and foldl or foldl1

Before I show you Haskell in action, let me briefly discuss the different functions.

Functions Description
map applies a function to a list
foldl and foldl1 apply a binary operation to a list and reduce the list to a value. foldl needs, in contrast to foldl1, an initial value.
scanl and scanl1 apply the same strategy as foldl and foldl1 but produce all intermediate results so that you will get back a list
  • Note: foldl, foldl1, scanl, and scanl1 start their job from the left.

Let’s have a look at the running example of Haskell functions​:

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