In this course, we cut a single path through the jungle. There’s so much more ground to cover. Your first question should be whether you should improve the existing path, widen it, or create a new alternative path.

Improving the path

This course carried one example to a working prototype, a minimal viable product. To take this to the next level and really learn it, you need to pick a project of your own, one that you would love to see completed and dive in. Review the design chapter and then design it. Review the database chapters, and then build the database. Then do the same with the API and the client. If you do this, you will find that the details in this course take on a new light. You may find yourself wrestling with import and export statements, unexpected data conversions, challenges of component management, and so on. This is normal. We’ve tried to mitigate this by pointing out “gotchas”, but no course can list them all, especially with technology advancing as quickly as it is. Learning by doing is the best way to deepen your understanding of full-stack web development!

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