Securing REST API for Web Applications and Services


9 Lessons


Certificate of Completion

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Takeaway Skills

Learn to Secure REST APIs and make a secure software development lifecycle

Get a thorough understanding of SSL/TLS/X.509 Certificates if they are all same or different

Learn how to score vulnerabilities

Learn the differences between client and server Rendering

Learn zero trust and the seven tenets of zero Trust

Learn to choose the right TLS protocol, version and ciphers

Learn access control – the need for it, and where and how to position it in the architecture

Learn what JWT token is and its role in security

Learn input validation and its role in curbing ~90% of attacks

Learn to use the right content type and right HTTP method

Learn best practices of REST API security implementation

Course Overview

Digital threats emerge every day around the world. This course will help you build REST APIs with minimal vulnerabilities. This course diligently crafts the security design around the REST API and gears you up to a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC). Yo...Show More


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