Setting Up Local Development Environment

Learn how to set up your own local development environment.

Although we were able to complete the entire course in a browser, we can also practice design patterns locally. To do so, we’ll need the following:

  • A machine running one of the Windows, Linux, or macOS operating systems

  • .NET 6 or newer

  • A suitable IDE or code editor

Installing .NET SDK

To download the latest .NET SDK, we can visit the official .NET downloading page.

Please note that we need to install the .NET SDK and not the .NET runtime. While the runtime is capable of running .NET applications, it’s not capable of building them.

Installing an IDE or code editor

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a tool that allows us to write code and build our applications. A code editor is not as powerful as an IDE because its capabilities are limited to writing and editing the code. However, the major benefit that it has is that it’s lightweight.

With the .NET SDK, we don’t necessarily require full IDE capabilities because all the actions can be performed from the command line interface (CLI). However, an IDE makes the development process more convenient.

You can choose one of the following tools based on your operating system, budget, and personal preferences:

Visual Studio

This is a Windows-only IDE that comes in different tiers, both free and premium. This is the main Microsoft-made IDE that was primarily designed for .NET development. It can be downloaded via the official vs. downloading page.

Note: The Mac version of the Visual Studio IDE can be downloaded via the Mac-specific download link.

JetBrains Rider

JetBrains Rider is a very powerful IDE that can be downloaded for Mac, Linux, or Windows. It comes with many built-in tools that improve the software development experience and enhance the quality of code.

It’s a premium paid-for IDE, but a 30-day free trial is also available. It can be downloaded via the official JetBrains Rider downloading page.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a fully customizable code editor that can be installed on Windows, macOS, or Linux. It lacks some features of an IDE, such as the ability to build applications from the user interface. However, when it comes to code editing, it’s still as powerful as an IDE.

Visual Studio Code is completely free. It can be downloaded via the official Visual Studio Code downloading page.

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