Using R for Data Analysis in Social Sciences

Using R for Data Analysis in Social Sciences


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AI Explanations
Using R for Data Analysis in Social Sciences
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Takeaway Skills

Learn to use R to import and inspect data, identify dataset attributes, and manage observations, variables, and datasets.

Learn to use R to graph simple histograms, box plots, scatter plots, and research findings.

Learn to use R to summarize data, conduct a one-sample t-test, and test the difference of means between groups.

Learn how to replicate research findings in published journal articles.

Learn to use R to compute covariance and correlation, estimate and interpret ordinary least square (OLS) regression, and diagnose and correct regression assumption violations.

Course Overview

With the rapid progress in statistical computing, proficiency in using statistical software such as R, SPSS, and SAS has become almost a universal requirement. The highly extensible R programming language offers a wide range of analytical and graphical capabilities ideal for manipulating large datasets. This course integrates R programming, the logic and steps of statistical inference, and the process of empirical social science research in a highly accessible and structured fashion. It emphasizes learning...Show More

Course Content


Introduction to the course


Getting Started with R


Get Data Ready: Import, Inspect, and Prepare Data


One-sample and Difference-of-Means Tests


Covariance and Correlation


Regression Analysis

12 Lessons


Regression Diagnostics and Sensitivity Analysis

15 Lessons


Replication of Findings in Published Analyses

7 Lessons



2 Lessons



8 Lessons



27 Lessons

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