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With over 50+ programming languages and limitless docker setups support, we allow developers to teach and learn from anywhere by decluttering dependencies needed for setting up coding environments. We thereby reduce the hassle involved before developers can start learning and provide them the resources in terms of both content as well as coding workspaces in order to up-skill themselves. This is supplemented by assessments to help learners gauge their skills as well as highly curated learning paths perfectly woven and tailored to cater to users’ learning journey and help them achieve their learning goal.

Educative provides an indispensable, all in one experience for developers - we have something for everyone - data scientists, software and mobile developers, security enthusiasts, cloud experts - with a focus on not only breadth of content coverage but also world class competitive quality with a perfect blend explanation with interactivity.

Our aim is to be the hands-on learning resource for all developers, allowing them to become the best developers that they can be; We take pride in our motto that hands-on, text-based methods are more intuitive to learning software development, compared to video.

Apart from providing a space for developers at all levels and diverse interests to find something that matches their learning needs, we take pride in our Interview preparation vertical that has helped numerous learners land top quality jobs in well reputed companies.

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A Happy Mind is a Productive Mind

The most productive individuals are the ones who are happy and satisfied! We support our employees during and beyond work hours to ensure their physical and mental well being. It is only together that we can foster a supportive culture.

Create Boundless Impact

We are building the world’s best learning experience for Software Engineers. To achieve that goal, we use innovative technology to solve complex engineering problems. The code that you’ll ship impacts millions of engineers all over the world.

At Educative everyone is a leader and we are looking for individuals who have a growth mindset and are passionate about creating new products, features, and services from scratch while managing ambiguity and the pace of a company where we ship new and exciting features every week.

With a culture that values ideas and code over titles, you’ll work with product leaders who have previously worked at the world’s top companies, including Facebook and Microsoft.

Join us and use your creativity & passion to reshape the learning experience for every software engineer in the world, including yourself. The sky is the limit.

Combat Crisis Together

When a crisis hits, Educative together fights it like a family. During the current wave of pandemic where downsizing and reluctant hiring have become the new norms, we continue to be mindful of the health and safety of our team.

Achieving not only work but also team engagement activities from home, we make possible the right expectations, right environment and right pace for our workforce.

Work in Diverse and Inclusive Teams

Educative welcomes diversity in all forms, especially candidates from groups that have been historically underrepresented in the tech industry. Over 25% of our team with engineering backgrounds is female.

Here is what Mishaal Kazmi has to say about working at Educative:

“There were many expectations attached to my first job after graduation, and I am proud to celebrate a year with a company that greatly surpassed all of them. Educative strongly encourages employees to set up ambitious goals and then achieve and exceed them. During my time here I got to specialize and explore various topics in machine learning and networks, along with a chance to work on frontend, web development and design. During this entire time, I learned the concept of failing forward: leveraging mistakes, assessing them, and gaining the ability to move forward and experiment with new approaches. The journey with Educative always remains unfinished. We are consistently striving for a better version of ourselves and where employee growth is directly equivalent to company growth. Although the past year went by really fast, the journey here has been an amazing one so far. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my professional career.”

Foster an Appreciative and Supportive Culture

You work hard. You want to be appreciated for what you are doing for your team and for the company.

At Educative, from celebrating each other in weekly ‘Thank You Thursdays’ when anyone in the company can thank a colleague and to game nights and annual trips, we find ways to celebrate working together across teams and across countries.

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