Android Development with Ionic and React

The Ionic Framework is an open-source SDK for hybrid mobile app development and it’s known for providing platform-specific UI elements. React is one of the preferred choices of many Fortune 500 companies because of its various specs. React is one of the most impactful frameworks in the mobile app development realm. React developers have the advantage of using Ionic to build mobile apps. In this path, you'll start with the basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and then go through advanced JavaScript concepts to jump over the React concepts easily. You’ll learn the basic and advanced concepts of React, like event handling, hooks, routing, internationalization, and state management in detail. In the end, you'll get hands-on expertise, and would be able to build a fully functional mobile application using React and Ionic.


50 hours

258 Lessons

Learning Objectives

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS with practical implementation.

Learn JavaScript concepts before going to React.

Learn about both the basic and advanced concepts in React.

Master some of React's most complex concepts like hooks, routing, internationalization, and many more.

Learn about one of React's best state management libraries, Redux.

Learn about the practical implementation of the Ionic framework.


What other learners are saying

What other learners are saying