Become a Django Developer

Django is an open-source Python-based web framework that rapidly creates clean database-driven applications. Django is one of the most popular web development frameworks among tech companies today because it makes the web development process efficient and straightforward. This Skill Path starts by covering the fundamental concepts of Python and Django that are essential for creating web applications. In the latter half, you will learn how to develop a web application using Django, including the different functionalities involved in the app development process that help add detail and refine your web application. Finally, the Skill Path will introduce you to a new approach to building web applications, namely test-driven development. By the end of this Skill Path, you will have the expertise to create robust professional full-stack web applications in Django.


26 hours 30 minutes

206 Lessons

13 Quizzes

208 Playgrounds

5 Challenges

189 Code Snippets

160 Illustrations

Learning Objectives

Familiarity with the core components of Python programming.

An understanding of the basic configuration files of Django.

The ability to create models and connect them with templates and views.

Hands-on experience working with databases using SQLite.

Hands-on experience building a production-level Django application from scratch.

The ability to write unit tests and build robust professional applications using test-driven development.


What other learners are saying

What other learners are saying