Scalability & System Design for Developers

As you progress in your career as a developer, you'll be increasingly expected to think about software architecture. Can you design systems and make trade-offs at scale? Developing that muscle is a great way to set yourself apart from the pack. In this learning path, you'll cover everything you need to know to design scalable systems for enterprise-level software. Buckle in.


35 hours

422 Lessons

153 Quizzes

33 Playgrounds

229 Code Snippets

471 Illustrations

Learning Objectives

Understand the concepts, components, and technology trade-offs involved in architecting a web application

Learn when a microservices architecture makes sense, and what the implications are

Master the art of implementing microservices across a range of different tech stacks

Learn to confidently approach and solve system design problems in interview settings

Make AWS architecture and feature decisions that work for your needs