TypeScript for React Developers

TypeScript improves JavaScript without sacrificing functionality. TypeScript allows us to specify types being passed in code and reports errors when types don't match. As a result of this functionality, big tech companies like Microsoft, Slack, and Lyft are switching to TypeScript. In this Skill Path, you'll start by learning the TypeScript basics and then move on to look at some advanced concepts. You'll also learn to integrate TypeScript with React. This Skill Path will allow you to transition your JavaScript experience to TypeScript painlessly. By the end of this Skill Path, you'll know how to use advanced TypeScript in professional projects.


13 hours

221 Lessons

13 Quizzes

402 Playgrounds

10 Challenges

337 Code Snippets

40 Illustrations

Learning Objectives

Learn the basics of TypeScript, including type checking, iterators, and manipulating objects and arrays.

Understand generic types and how to compose types with discriminated unions.

Get fluent in TypeScript error messages.

Integrate TypeScript with React and create apps that are easy to maintain.


What other learners are saying

What other learners are saying