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Deploy a Django Application Using AWS Fargate

Learn how to deploy an e-learning course catalog website that has been developed using Django, over the AWS cloud with the help of AWS Fargate. We'll use different AWS commands on the CLI, as well as multiple AWS EC2 resources like VPC, subnets, security groups, and more to run a custom AWS instance.

Deploy a Django Application Using AWS Fargate

You will learn to:

Create an AWS ECS cluster.

Use AWS CLI for infrastructure development.

Deploy a Django application over AWS Fargate.

Use multiple Amazon ECS services.


Cloud Deployment

Using AWS Cloud Services

Scalable Cloud Applications

Distributed Applications


Basic understanding of serverless applications

Basic understanding of AWS CLI

Basic understanding of AWS EC2 service



Project Description

We’ll deploy a custom Django application to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in this project. The application is an e-learning course catalog website. We’ll configure and create the necessary resources to deploy this application over Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). AWS Fargate makes it easy for us to deploy and run our applications inside a container without having to manage servers, scale our clusters and optimize cluster packing.

Each course on our custom website will have a title, an image, an author name, a status indicating whether it is paid or free, a description, and a “Visit Website” button. The website will also allow users to search for the available courses with a search bar.

Project Tasks


Set Up the Environment

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: AWS CLI Configuration

Task 2: Containerize and Push the Application

Task 3: Create a Cluster


Configure EC2 Resources

Task 4: List All Security Groups

Task 5: List All Subnets

Task 6: Add New Inbound Rules

Task 7: Register a Linux Task Definition

Task 8: Create a Service

Task 9: Describe the Service


Access the Django Application

Task 10: Obtain the ENI ID

Task 11: Access the Application

Task 12: Clean Up