Educative’s Commitment to Quality

At Educative, every course goes through a strict quality review process before it’s published. We want to make sure that we only publish informative and accurate content that you can rely on with confidence. That’s why we strive to achieve the highest possible standard of quality with our courses and other educational content.

Educative is a platform on which anyone can create a course. But, like publishers, we maintain a rigorous standard for what gets published and work closely with authors to make the most of their content.

We believe it’s in the best interest of our learners, authors, and Educative to invest time and money into our content quality. The cost is well worth it if it means a better, more educational experience for our readers and contributors. We strive for our readers' trust and aren't afraid to work for it.

How do we maintain our content quality?

Every course passes through a rigorous, 3-part quality approval process before being published.

01  ————

Engagement Review

Our curriculum team makes sure that the course makes full use of Educative's interactive elements such as coding playgrounds, quizzes, and illustrations to maximize learning outcomes.

02  ————

Technical Review

Our team of technical experts then reviews all course content for technical accuracy, both in code and in explanations. We know our learners depend on us for accurate information, therefore this is the longest and most intensive part of our QA process.

03  ————

Language Review

Finally, we pass the course to our dedicated team of proofreaders to vet all content for language, grammar, and consistency.

Always Improving

The QA process doesn’t stop at launch. Once a course is published, we keep a close eye on user feedback and conduct frequent spot checks to make sure you're always getting the best quality of content. Our courses are considered “live” - improvements and updates are made on a regular basis to improve the learning experience.

Questions or concerns?

Feel free to reach out to us at any time at