Recursion for Coding Interviews


Interview coming up? Be prepared for Recursion.

Recursion comes up quite a bit in interviews and rightfully so, it’s a powerful programming technique and demonstrates that you can think about problems in different ways.

Recursion is a technique that every developer should have in their toolbox, simply because it’s often times cleaner and easier to implement than iteration, especially when traversing certain data structures like linked lists.

The courses are designed to get you ready for an interview in whichever language you prefer. Each course includes lessons on recursion fundamentals and then thoroughly covers recursion with different data types and data structures like linked lists, stacks, and graphs. Each course is complete with challenges that mirror real interview questions. Also featured in each course are quizzes to test your understanding, and interactive coding playgrounds, giving you the most immersive learning experience.

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By the time you complete the course, you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned to solve complex real-world problems and advance more easily through your interviews at top tech companies.