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Why we partnered with Pragmatic Programmers for tech education

Jun 25, 2020 - 6 min read

Educative’s mission has always been to help learners in the software space. In the past, we have partnered in different capacities with organizations to offer an accessible and powerful learning experience for all, such as our sponsorship with Women Who Code or our student and educator scholarships through GitHub.

At Educative, we are now proud to announce that we have partnered with The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC to offer top-notch, practical courses on cutting-edge programming topics. We’ve turned to The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC and transformed their trusted books into hands-on, interactive courses. You can now access Pragmatic Programmer’s resources on Practical Security, Simplifying JavaScript, and Guide to Kotlin. Now on the Educative platform you know and love, with all the benefits of online learning.

Check out The Pragmatic Programmers' interactive courses.

Practical Security, Simplifying JavaScript, and the Ultimate Guide to Kotlin

Courses by The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC

We are truly excited to be partnering with the experienced professionals at Pragmatic Programmers. To tell us more about their goals and investments for you in the tech world, we spoke with Dave Rankin, the Executive Editor of The Pragmatic Programmers, and he offered some valuable insights that we’re proud to share with you today.

What are Pragmatic’s overarching goals and objectives for tech education?

Pragmatic Bookshelf publishing is owned by the Pragmatic Programmers, LLC. They create practical, top-notch books, audiobooks, and videos on topics related to computer science and programming in the modern age. Pragmatic Programmer has millions learners and over 200 authors around the world, working to improve the lives of professional developers without turning to impersonal corporate strategies. Dave, the Executive Editor of The Pragmatic Programmers, told us a bit more about their goals.

“Pragmatic Programmers is, first and foremost, about helping professional software developers solve real-world problems. We come back to this time and time again because we feel it is what sets us apart from other publishers. We don’t publish reference books, surveys, or theoretical overviews. We don’t believe that’s what professional software developers need when they’re in the field. From the books we publish to our courses with Educative and beyond, our goal has been the same for the last 20 years: improving the lives of professional software developers everywhere. We’re here to make their lives easier.”

At Educative, we are pleased to partner with a company that aligns so closely with our own missions and goals. Just like the Pragmatic Programmers, we believe that accessible, personalized education is the key to opening doors for developers around the world.

Why did The Pragmatic Programmers choose to partner with Educative?

Educative’s unique platform has made online education accessible for authors around the world. The same is true for Pragmatic Programmers. Dave told us that his company saw Educative as a chance to meet the needs of developers in a new way.

“Pragmatic Programmers’ books deliver practical, hands-on content that solves real-world problems. Achieving that means placing all the emphasis on the readers and the types of issues they’re facing. When we looked through the Educative catalog, we immediately saw a similarity in our approaches to both the content and the audience. Pragmatic Programmers loved the emphasis that Educative put on their learners liked how each course is designed to strip away the theory and get readers’ hands on keyboards as quickly as possible.”

At Educative, we are happy to provide yet another outlet for Pragmatic Programmers to share their practical knowledge. By leveraging our unique platform, the Pragmatic Programmers have been able to take their books to the next level with our embedded coding environment and versatile learning widgets.

What developments in the tech learning space are most fascinating to your authors?

Modern-day publishing is different than in past years, particularly due to the wide variety of resources and outlets available to educators. Dave told us that The Pragmatic Programmers are interested in these outlets and seek to invest in multiple mediums.

“Early on, educational resource creators seemed to focus on one medium only. But nowadays, we’re seeing tech learning that’s presented through a mix of media, like Educative’s use of text, embedded coding environments, and interactive quizzes. And that is exciting to us. It feels like we’re still in the early days of exploring the possibilities, but we think it’ll be extremely fascinating to see how combining different approaches around a single topic can unlock learning across more and at deeper levels.”

What does the future hold for Pragmatic Programmers?

One challenge that publishers face is how to provide modern solutions to readers and learners. Online education is one of those solutions, and it has turned the world of publishing to new, creative outlets. Dave told us about that journey for Pragmatic Programmers.

“This is both an exciting and challenging time to be in publishing. Industry trends that we’ve all been watching for years have accelerated immensely with recent world events. More people than ever want access to high-quality, technical content, but they want it on a wider range of topics and in more formats than before. The demand for digital resources has skyrocketed this year, and since we invested heavily in ebooks very early on, we were able to satisfy that demand.”

Dave told us that it’s hard to predict what the future may hold, but that industry trends lean towards the future of digital learning. There is a general picture we see taking shape. Pragmatic Programmers is also exploring new ideas to help software developers learn faster and more efficiently in light of new demands.

“We’re trying to do everything we can to use our platform and influence to bring more diversity not only to publishing but to the tech industry as a whole. From the authors on our editorial staff to our technical reviewers, and more, we’re working hard to give a voice to and make more space for underrepresented communities.”

Leveraging the tools, knowledge, and expertise of diverse professional developers is necessary for furthering the world of tech, particularly during these challenging times. Educative is proud to bring you the content of Pragmatic Programmers in a new way. The digital age calls for a digital approach to learning and giving space to marginalized voices of the tech community.

Wrapping up

Get started with Pragmatic Programmer’s courses and see how a practical, personalized learning experience can change the future of tech and empower your career! Take a look at their site to see their other offerings.

Happy learning!


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