Challenge: Egg Dropping Problem

Let's solve the famous egg dropping problem!

Problem statement

Given a tall skyscraper and a few eggs, write a function to figure out how many tries it would take to find which floor of the skyscraper from which the eggs can be safely dropped without breaking. Here are some rules;

  1. An egg that survives a fall can be used again. A broken egg must be discarded
  2. The effect of a fall is the same for all eggs
  3. If an egg breaks when dropped, then, it would break if dropped from a higher floor
  4. If an egg survives a fall, then it would survive a shorter fall


Two integers that represent the number of stories of the skyscraper and number of eggs respectively


The least number of egg-droppings to figure out the critical floor

Sample input

eggs = 6
floors = 15

Sample output

result = 4

Coding Challenge

First, take a close look at this problem and design a step-by-step algorithm before jumping to the implementation. This problem is designed for your practice, so try to solve it on your own first. If you get stuck, you can always refer to the solution provided in the solution section. Good luck!

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