Solution: Find the Floor and Ceil of a Number in a Sorted List

The review discusses the solution for finding the floor and ceil value of a given number from a sorted list, from basic to extensive level.

Solution: 1

The naive approach to this problem would be:

  1. Traverse the list starting from 0th index to the last index
  2. Compare value at each index lst[i] with the given input integer xx
  3. When you hit the maximum value lesser than equal to xx, store it as the floorfloor value
  4. Similarly, the minimum value greater than equal to xx will be stored as ceilceil value, while you linearly traverse the list
  5. Terminate the traversal when you reach the end of the list

Time complexity

Since the loop iterates every single element at least once, the running complexity for this solution would be O(n)O(n), where nn is the size of the list.

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