Challenge: Find the Largest Number Possible

Given the number of digits and the sum of the digits, find the largest number that can be created.

Problem statement

A girl lost the key to her locker (note: The key is only numeric). She remembers the number of digits N as well as the sum S of all the digits of her password. She also knows that her password is the largest number of N digits that can be possible with a given sum S.

Implement a function that would help her retrieve her key.


The number of digits and the sum of those digits


The largest number that can be created (or the key) as a list

Sample input

sum_of_digits = 20
number_of_digits = 3

Sample output

result = [9, 9, 2]

Note: If no number is possible for a combination of sum_of_digits and number_of_digits, simply return [-1].

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