AWS CodeDeploy and Its Features

Explore the features offered by AWS CodeDeploy.

Once the application source code is developed and tested, it’s time to deploy it. Commonly, the operations team will block a time window, bring down the application servers, install the new tested code, and restart them. Today, many companies have hybrid architectures where the applications must be deployed in the cloud and on-premises. Deploying all these servers manually in a test or production environment is impossible. On top of deployment, imagine maintaining all these servers and keeping them up to date with the latest security patches. What if there was a bug in the deployed software, and the deployment needs to be reverted? The manual rollback process is highly error-prone and time-consuming.

The value proposition of AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy was designed to make the above-mentioned task easier.

  • AWS CodeDeploy is a fully managed deployment service, which means AWS will take the responsibility of keeping the servers up to date with the latest and greatest software.

  • AWS CodeDeploy can automate software deployments to Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda An event-driven computing service that runs code in response to events., and Amazon ECS, and on-premises servers. By automating software deployments, companies eliminate the common errors that may occur during manual implementations.

  • AWS CodeDeploy helps companies minimize or eliminate application downtime using cutting-edge deployment strategies. All these can be monitored and controlled from the Management Console or the CLI provided by CodeDeploy.

Features of AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy presents the subsequent set of features as follows.

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