Testing Strategies in a CI/CD Pipeline

Explore testing strategies in a CI/CD pipeline.

A CI/CD pipeline focuses on continuous integration and delivery, which indirectly depends on the development and testing. Like the waterfall methodology, there is no lengthy period for an exclusive testing phase where the QA team can test the software application. In a typical CI/CD process that follows agile methodology, DevOps teams must demonstrate their sprint output at the end of the sprint.

Introducing test pyramid

Mike Cohn One of the founders of the Scrum Alliance. He was a contributor to the Scrum software development method.introduced the phrase test pyramid, highlighting the different layers of software testing and the amount of testing at each phase. At the bottom of the pyramid is unit testing. The development teams must design the unit tests to run independently and swiftly. The tests must be fine-grained to check a specific function written by a developer. As we move higher up in the pyramid, the tests may consume a lot of time as they are designed to check the complex functionality that spans multiple modules that may interact with external systems. So, lower in the pyramid, the tests are isolated and faster; higher in the pyramid, the tests need to be more integrated to test the end-to-end functionality.

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