Creating a build project in AWS CodeBuild is a multistep process. Typically, this is performed once during the project initiation. The system administrator also assigns the proper privileges to the developers who need access to the project.

Configuring project details

The first step is providing the project with a name and an optional description. Jenkins provides us with build badges, which are dynamically generated images to represent the status of a build. AWS CodeBuild offers the option to enable build badges during project configuration. The following parameter is the concurrent build limit. If this option is disabled, AWS CodeBuild cannot execute more than one build simultaneously. Many factors must be considered before turning on the option:

  • Does the project have multiple developers who consistently build every day?

  • Do developers wait in a long queue for their builds to complete?

  • Enabling this option will directly impact the cost as additional infrastructure must be provisioned to address the needs. Is the project running within the allocated budget?

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