Beginner’s Guide to Terraform

Beginner’s Guide to Terraform


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Beginner’s Guide to Terraform
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Takeaway Skills

A comprehensive understanding of the Terraform infrastructure-as-code platform

A working knowledge of Terraform’s modules, data structures, resources, and dependency architecture

A strong familiarity with the building blocks of Terraform and the creation of provisioners and triggers to make these components work together

The ability to create and edit Terraform state files to manage local machines

Hands-on experience managing the Terraform backend on the cloud

Course Overview

Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) platform that allows users to manage and integrate various external resources as united infrastructure. This is achieved by using the proprietary HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL) or JSON. This course is a comprehensive introduction to Terraform. It helps users build confidence through foundational understanding of Terraform’s approach to resource management and the coding environment. You’ll start with an introduction to Terraform and learn how to set up l...Show More


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