Solution: Form Validation and Context Management

Review the step-by-step solution to the exercise.

In this exercise, your task was to complete the following:

  • Implement a log-in mechanism using Next.js and the Context API, allowing users to log in with valid credentials.

  • Ensure that after logging in, users’ data will be stored and used throughout the application.

  • Ensure that the cart’s name will change based on the user’s log-in status.

  • Ensure that the cart page will include a checkout feature restricted to logged-in users for placing orders.

We’ll review the solution for each task in the next few sections.

Enable login

In the FormContext.js file, we add the useState hook to create a state variable named formData along with a corresponding function setFormData to update that state. <FormContext.Provider> utilizes the Context API to provide data to components further down the component tree.

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