About this course

The C++ Standard Library is a quick reference to the standard library of the current C++ standard C++17 ISO/IEC 14882:2017. C++17 has more than 1600 pages, and it is the next big C++ standard after C++14. C++14 is a small addition to C++11. C++11 had more than 1,300 pages and was published in 2011. That was 13 years after the first and only C++ standard C++98. Of course, there is also C++03, published in 2003. But C++03 is considered a bug fix release.

The goal of this quick reference is to provide a concise reference for the C++ standard library. This book assumes that you are familiar with C++. If so you will get the most benefit out of this course. If C++ is new to you, you should start with a textbook about core C++. Once you have mastered a textbook about the core language, you can make your next big step by reading this book. To make your job easier, I have provided a lot of short code snippets to connect theory and practice.

Now that we are familiar with the C++ Standard Library, let’s talk about the conventions I will use in this course.

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