Algorithms with Parallelized Versions

A list of all the algorithms which can be parallelized.

Here are the 77 algorithms with parallelized versions.

std::adjacent_difference std::adjacent_find std::all_of
std::any_of std::copy std::copy_if
std::copy_n std::count std::count_if
std::equal std::exclusive_scan std::fill
std::fill_n std::find std::find_end
std::find_first_of std::find_if std::find_if_not
std::for_each std::for_each_n std::generate
std::generate_n std::includes std::inclusive_scan
std::inner_product std::inplace_merge std::is_heap
std::is_heap_until std::is_partitioned std::is_sorted
std::is_sorted_until std::lexicographical_compare std::max_element
std::merge std::min_element std::minmax_element
std::mismatch std::move std::none_of
std::nth_element std::partial_sort std::partial_sort_copy
std::partition std::partition_copy std::reduce
std::remove std::remove_copy std::remove_copy_if
std::remove_if std::replace std::replace_copy
std::replace_copy_if std::replace_if std::reverse
std::reverse_copy std::rotate std::rotate_copy
std::search std::search_n std::set_difference
std::set_intersection std::set_symmetric_difference std::set_union
std::sort std::stable_partition std::stable_sort
std::swap_ranges std::transform std::transform_exclusive_scan
std::transform_inclusive_scan std::transform_reduce std::uninitialized_copy
std::uninitialized_copy_n std::uninitialized_fill std::uninitialized_fill_n
std::unique std::unique_copy

The 77 algorithms with parallelised versions

ℹ️ Availability of the Parallel STL
As far as I know, at the time this book is being updated to C++17 (October 2017), there is no standard-conforming implementation of the parallel STL available yet. Therefore, you have to install third-party frameworks such as HPX. The HPX (High-Performance ParalleX) is a framework that is a general-purpose C++ runtime system for parallel and distributed applications of any scale. HPX has already implemented the parallel STL in a different namespace.

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