To access the elements of a container, you can use an iterator. If you use a begin and end iterator, you have a range, which you can further process. For a container cont, you get with cont.begin() the begin iterator and with cont.end() the end iterator, which defines a half-open range. It is half-open because the begin iterator belongs to the range, the end iterator refers to a position past the range. With the iterator pair cont.begin() and cont.end() you can modify the elements.

Iterator Description
cont.begin() and cont.end() Pair of iterators to iterate forward.
cont.cbegin() and cont.cend() Pair of iterators to iterate const forward.
cont.rbegin() and cont.rend() Pair of iterators to iterate backward.
cont.crbegin() and cont.crend() Pair of iterators to iterate const backward.

Creation and deletion of a container

Now I can modify the container.

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