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There are a few things to remember while reading the coding sections. Have a look.

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I dislike using directives and declarations because they hide the namespace of the library functions, but because of the limited length of a page, I have to use them from time to time. I use them in such a way that the origin can always be deduced from the using directive (using namespace std;) or the using declaration (using std::cout;).

Only header files of the featured functionality are shown in the code snippets. True or false is displayed in the output code snippets for boolean values; and std::boolalpha is not used.

Source Code

To be concise, I only present short code snippets in this book. The name of the entire program is in the first line of the code snippet.

Value versus Object

I call instances of fundamental data types values, which C++ inherited from C. Instances of more advanced types which often consist of fundamental types, are called objects. Objects are typically instances of user-defined types or containers.

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