Functions Inherited from C

As C++ evolved from C, many of the functions have been passed down to the new language. We'll discuss them in this lesson.

C++ inherited many numeric functions from C. They need the header < cmath >. The table below shows the names of these functions:

pow sin tanh asinh fabs
exp cos asin aconsh fmod
sqrt tan acos atanh frexp
log sinh atan ceil ldexp
log10 cosh atan2 floor modf

Mathematical functions in the cmath library

Additionally, C++ inherits further mathematical functions from C. They are defined in the header < cstdlib >. Once more, the names of mathematical functions in < cstdlib >:

abs llabs ldiv srand
labs div lldiv rand

Mathematical functions in < cstdlib >

All functions for integers are available for the types int, long and long long; all functions for floating-point numbers are available for the types float, double, and long double.

The numeric functions need to be qualified with the namespace std.

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