Observed/Fitted Values and Residuals on Categorical Variables

Learn how to draw conclusions from the results of a regression on categorical variables.

Recall that we defined the following three concepts:

  • Observed values𝑦𝑦, or the observed value of the outcome variable

  • Fitted values y^ \hat y, or the value on the regression line for a given𝑥𝑥value

  • Residuals yy^y - \hat y, or the error between the observed value and the fitted value

We obtained these values and other values using the get_regression_points() function from the moderndive package. This time, however, let’s add an argument setting ID = "country" that tells the function to use the variable country in gapminder2007 as an identification variable in the output. This will help contextualize our analysis by matching values to countries.

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