HTML5 Canvas: From Noob to Ninja - an interactive deep dive

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Course Overview

Kirupa is an MIT grad who works at Microsoft as Senior Program Manager. He has been tinkering with web technologies since 1998. He works on the Edge browser team where he gets to sink his teeth into the cutting-edge web technologies. HTML5 is taking over the browsers and one of the coolest things in HTML5 is the canva... See more

Course Contents

2. Getting Started with the Canvas

3. Drawing Basics / Lines

4. Drawing Curves

5. Drawing Multiple Things

6. Drawing Rectangles (and Squares)

7. Drawing Triangles

8. Drawing Circles

9. Modifying How Your Corners Look

10. Working with Colors

11. Drawing Text

12. Drawing Images

13. Canvas Transformations

14. Structuring Your Drawing Code

15. Animating with requestAnimationFrame

16. Creating Animations on the Canvas

17. Animating Many Things on the Canvas

18. Creating Motion Trails

19. Creating Sprite Animations

20. Working With the Mouse

21. Follow the Mouse Cursor

22. Mouse Follow with Ease

23. Working With the Keyboard

24. Moving Shapes Using the Keyboard

25. Resizing the HTML Canvas Element

26. Detect Whether a Font is Installed

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