Gaussian Distribution

Knowledge of Probability Distributions is essential in the Data Science field and it is the backbone for understanding many concepts. You'll learn about this important concept here.

Gaussian or Normal Distribution

Gaussian or Normal Distribution is a Continuous Probability Distribution that is meant for experiments with real valued output. It is used extensively in the Statistics and in the Data Science field. It is the distribution of most real values in the world. That is one of the reasons why it is called Normal Distribution.

Some examples of Normal Distribution in the world are:

  • The height of people on a football team
  • The blood pressure of young people in a family
  • The results of an annual test in a university

The Normal Distribution is represented graphically, as seen below. It is also referred to as a Bell Curve.On the y-axis we have the probability of a certain outcome, and on the x-axis we have the outcomes.

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