Pandas is a Python library that is intended for Data Science use-cases and is used extensively in the field. It provides many useful functionalities to make the day-to-day job of a Data Scientist very easy.

In this lesson, we will be looking into several Jupyter Notebooks, (used for writing and running the code). We will also be working with the most extensively used operations in the industry.

Pandas data structures

Pandas have data structures that allow us to store and process the data. It also provides several functions and methods to retrieve data out of these structures and analyze it.


Pandas Dataframes are 2-dimensional table data structures that allow us to store the Structural Dataset and analyze it. They also have an index label for each row. Using the below notebook, we discuss the simple functions that we can perform with the help of a Dataframe. We will use a sample dataset that shows us people in different parts of the world.

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