Sampling Methods

Sampling methods play an important role in sampling the dataset for analysis and modelling and you'll learn about them in this lesson.

Sampling methods

The sampling methods help us to choose a subset of the population in a good manner which helps us to draw inference about the whole population using a sample. It is widely used in Data Science to choose a good representation of the data. Knowledge of the sampling methods is critical in building descriptive and predictive systems. In this lesson, we will be looking at the commonly used sampling methods in detail.

Random Sampling

As the name suggests we randomly choose elements for our sample from the population. The sample size is defined at the beginning. Each of the data elements from the population has an equal probability of being selected. Each of the one-hundred sheep, being selected for a sample size of thirty sheep, has an equal probability of 1100\frac{1}{100} for being selected.

Random sampling is one of the most simple methods of sampling out there.

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