What is Deep Learning?

In this lesson, you'll learn about Deep Learning. Deep Learning is a sub-branch of Machine Learning, which involves the usage of Artificial Neural Networks to learn the underlying representations of data.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a sub-field of Machine Learning which involves the usage of Artificial Neural networks to learn the representations from the data. Artificial Neural Networks are the building blocks of Deep Learning systems. Artificial Neural Networks are inspired from the working of the brain. Our nervous system contains about 10 billion neurons, which are connected with each other in a complex system. Our brain helps us recognize objects in the pictures, the speech sounds in our surroundings and many more things. There is a complex system of neurons, which together form a Neural Network to do such tasks. The typical shape of a single neuron is shown below and a large number of such neurons work together to form the complex Nervous System. We will go through some of the terms that make up a neuron below.

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