Exploring the Management Areas

Discover key aspects of program and project management to increase your understanding of TPM.

Previously, we introduced the key management areas: plan, risk, and stakeholder management. Using the Mercury program as an example, we’ll examine each of these in a bit more depth and continue to build upon our use case study.

Project plan

Let’s examine the Windows rollout project plan in a bit more detail. At this point in the course, we’ll assume a few things:

  • We have as much resourcing as we need (so, everything that can technically start at the beginning of the project will be scheduled to start).

  • No resource timing constraints exist.

  • Estimates are uniform across all platforms.

  • All predecessors are considered finish-to-start (meaning the predecessor must be finished before the task can start).

  • There are no inter-project dependencies.

  • In other words, a textbook program example!

Given these assumptions, the below table lists a simplified project plan for the Windows project:

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