Café Le TensorFlow 2: Understanding TensorFlow 2 with an Analogy

Nothing explains something better than a good analogy. Therefore, to help us understand TensorFlow 2, we’ll use an analogy to our new and improved Café Le TensorFlow 2.

Example for Café Le TensorFlow 2

Let’s say we renovated Café Le TensorFlow and reopened it as Café Le TensorFlow 2. The word around the town is that it’s much more opulent than it used to be. Remembering the great experience we had before, we booked a table instantly and went there to grab a seat.

Place an order

We want to order a chicken burger with extra cheese and no tomatoes. And we realize the café is indeed fancy. There’re no waiters here, but a voice-enabled tablet for each table into which we say what we want. This will get converted to a standard format that the chefs will understand (for example, table number, menu item ID, quantity, and special requirements).

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