Performing Event Searches with the SeatGeek API in JavaScript

Performing Event Searches with the SeatGeek API in JavaScript


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Performing Event Searches with the SeatGeek API in JavaScript
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of the SeatGeek API

The ability to fetch the latest information on upcoming live events using the SeatGeek API

Familiarity with using the SeatGeek API as a powerful search tool to query events, venues, and famous performers

Hands-on experience integrating the SeatGeek API into a React application

Course Overview

SeatGeek is a ticketing marketplace for live events that also handles sales for various venues and professional teams. It also acts as a secondary market for ticket holders. SeatGeek’s event database can be accessed using its powerful API. This course will help you master using the SeatGeek API to fetch live events’ data from SeatGeek's comprehensive database. The different endpoints related to venues, performers, and genres help the users to get complete information for events. The API also assists in get...Show More

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