Python REST API Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Python REST API Development: A Comprehensive Guide


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AI Explanations
Python REST API Development: A Comprehensive Guide
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of the fundamentals of REST and connecting to a REST API server

The ability to connect to a server with SSL while ignoring verification and using the server’s certificate

Familiarity with consuming response content

Hands-on experience designing and developing REST APIs using GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE

The ability to choose an appropriate framework for Python

The ability to inform clients about supported operations using OPTIONS

Course Overview

REST is the most used mechanism to publish APIs for general consumption. Each language has its own set of libraries and methods that help a developer consume these APIs. This course will teach you how to use Python and its libraries for consuming and creating REST APIs in the easiest way possible. In the first part of this course, you’ll learn how to work with Python in using REST APIs for various scenarios. Then, in the second part, you’ll focus on building your own REST APIs using the HTTP methods, inclu...Show More


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