Who's This Course for?

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Who’s this course for?

This book is for programmers, lead developers, architects, and technical managers. The book assumes familiarity with the basics of programming and also assumes moderate knowledge of Java and the JDK. The book doesn’t assume any knowledge of Kotlin.

If you’re an Android programmer, this book lays the good foundation you’ll need to program those devices with Kotlin, though this book doesn’t focus exclusively on the Android platform. If you’re new to Kotlin, this book will help you get started and quickly move forward with the application of the language for your projects. If you’re already using Kotlin, you may use this book to gain deeper understanding of some of the advanced features of the language.

You may also use this book to train your developers to get proficient with Kotlin, to use it to create highly fluent and expressive code, and to solve intricate problems.

In the next lesson, we’ll take a quick walkthrough of the course’s content.

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