About This Course

Learn about the roadmap and intended audience for this course.

We'll cover the following

Front-end interviews are not the easiest. How do you prepare? Where should you start? These are common questions that anyone beginning the interview preparation process asks. Interviewers can ask a wide range of questions during an interview, including questions about your past experiences with various technologies, or your familiarity with knowledge that is somewhat tribal and not always formally taught in universities.

This course is full of quizzes, and in some of these quizzes, you will be given a scenario and expected to provide an answer based on the course. Some of the questions are commonly asked during interviews; others help you practice a concept so that you can answer any difficult questions related to it. Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • Applied HTTP/S knowledge
  • Optimizing websites for speed
  • Optimizing websites for SEO
  • APIs
  • Version control

Intended audience

This course is an interview refresher and is not designed for those who are just stepping into the realm of these topics. Hence, it assumes familiarity with some fundamentals. You’ll be evaluated in many ways, from basic concepts to the most frequently asked interview questions.

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