Google Analytics for SEO

Google Analytics is a free tool that's very popular for tracking your website's visitors. Let's learn about it in this lesson.

Digital analytics

Digital analytics is the process of using data to make informed marketing and business decisions. Google Analytics is a common digital analytics tool that we’ll look at briefly in this lesson.

Using Google analytics

Create an Analytics account. Next, embed some of the given JavaScript with a generated code into each page of the website that you wish to track.

The JavaScript will track users and collect anonymous data about how they interact with the page. It can also collect information about the browser, device, and operating system. It can even collect information about where the user came from: a search engine, an ad, a link from a blog, etc.

Use Google’s demo account to experiment. This account tracks Google’s merchandise store.

How do I check organic search traffic?

Organic search traffic is the traffic that comes to your website from unpaid (“organic”) results from a search engine, such as Google or Bing.

Go to your Google Analytics dashboard and open up the channel grouping report from the sidebar: click Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. You can see traffic sources segmented by channel here, which gives a very good summary of how your website is doing.

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